Macbook Wifi not working- How to fix Wi-Fi on Mac

Macbook Wifi not working- How to fix Wi-Fi on Mac

Solution 1
Use the 5GHz band or change your position

1) reduce distance to your router or change your routers location

2) If your router support 5GHz band, change router configuration (check your router setting)

3) sometimes it helps changing your Wi-Fi channel or Wi-Fi name, because your neighbours are connected on same frequency or their name is equal

Solution 2
Connect to Wi-Fi via terminal

1) Open a terminal window

2) get your Wi-Fi interface name ifconfig -a
Result e.g. en1

3) Enter sudo networksetup en1 <WIFI-NAME> <WIFI-PASSWORD

Solution 3
Reset your Wi-Fi configuration

1) Open your finder and GoTo (cmd + shift + G) /Library/Preferences/SystemConfiguration/

2) Backup all the files to your Desktop

3) Delete following files

  • NetworkInterfaces.plist
  • preferences.plist

4) Reboot your Macbook

Solution 4
Renew your DHCP Lease and check config

1) Go to System Preferences > Network and choose Wi-Fi

2) Select or join your Wi-Fi network with your Password

3) Click on Advanced  and the TCP/IP tab

4) Choose Renew DHCP Lease

5)  Go to the DNS tab

6) Add and to the DNS Servers list

Other Solutions

1) Disable your bluetooth

2) Run Use Apple’s Wireless Diagnostics

3) Reset SMC (system management controller) is a chip on Intel-based Macs that manages important physical components of your Mac
-> You don’t need to reset the SMC on any M1 Macs

4) Reset PRAM is the memory - stores core details about your Mac. PRAM stands for parameter random access memory
Press `OPT + CMD + P + R` on Mac boot time, your Mac will restart after 20 seconds

5) Reset WiFi network adapter

 a) Open a terminal window

 b) Check for your Wi-Fi interface ifconfig -a
 Result e.g. en1

 c) Type `sudo ifconfig en1 down`

 d) Type `sudo ifconfig en1 up`